Max Payne 4

It is most awaken game series of Max Payne 4 developed by Rockstart games. It is the fourth edition of third person shooter game followed with Max Payne which was released 2001 for Microsoft Windows. After great success of Max Payne developer decide to make a series and Max Payne 2 and Max Payne 3 and finally here we are now with part 4 .It is developed using latest technology.It took nearly 3 years for development, test and bring this game into the market.All team put there hard effort to make this game.We used latest motion tracking technology in this game to put game sync with a real life.All motion ,action,emotion you see in this game will be a realistic feeling.As we have been making Max Payne's past series on x box 360 , PlayStation 3, PSP this time we programmed this game such a way that game need less memory and space which works better then very with all platform compatible,that means game is available to all platform i.e PS4 , XBox One , PS Vita ,Nintendo Wii U , PS3 , XBox 360 , PSP , Nintendo 3Ds , Android , IPhone , Windows Phone , PC .

About Max Payne 4

Max Payne 4 is a tactical game where you have to use logic to complete the levels there will be lots and lots of mystery hidden so you have to find that mystery to solve the case. At some points you have to fight with enemies there are different kinds of weapon you can find inside the game some weapon you get only when you complete some level. According to the level you gain skills , fund , weapon , reputation which you can use to complete next level , the game is full of excitement.There will be cheat option to use cheat as you need to complete the level but no awards will be rewarded for any cheat activated level which some kind of good plus bad.


Max Payne 4 is story about detective.Lives in New York with his happy family.He works for the NYPD police department. Suddenly there comes a twist when kidnappers kidnappers his whole family and ask for big ransom if not kidnappers threaten to kill his whole family. So main character Mark payne the detective decides to leave NYPD and starts his journey searching for this family.This is the story There are lots and lots of obstacles he faces which makes game more interesting and exciting but will he be able to find his family? Will his family members be still alive when he find ? Can he able to get his reputation back that will be mystery you have to play to find this all. The Game is well scripted by Sam Lake dialogues are awesomely written.


Mark Payne: The Main Character of the game .Works For NYPD but have to leave his job after someone kidnappes his family. He is characterised as brave , family loving and strong .He is aged around 35-40 married with 2 kids.

Michelle Payne : Michelle payne is the wife of Mark Payne who gets kidnapped .Her age is around 25-30 young married happily married when she was age of 22, have two kids ,Strong Women.Whole game is about finding her Is she dead or alive you have to play this game to find it.

Lt. Jim Bravura: Is a chef police of NYPD after Mark Payne resign from work Lt Jim Bravura plays a vital role in this game . He helps him a lot with lots of support providing him with armers and gps although Mark payne is not working for NYPD he is more like a friend then cheif police in May Payne to help Mark Payne to find his family.

Game Play

This Game is logical shooter game. You will find lots of tricky place and option to choose which will help you to level up the game.You can earn may payne currency which help you to buy weapons and other facility to make your mission easier .It is open game in New York City you can drive car do what ever you like to do you can find side mission from where you can earn currency,reputation and new items.It has Story Mode and Online Multiplayer game.Story Mode is more like detective kind there will be lots of hidden task you have to find to complete the mission.You can choose partner if some mission is very hard for you but getting partner for mission cost you max payne currently depending upon how experince and strong your partner is but after partner is dead you have to choose another which will cost another max payner currency.
The Online Multiplayer Game is well developed with high speed server.You can create you won game own rules it is more fun to play with your friends or with the world.Online is other fun part you have to get on .


Game is developed by Rockstar Games.Rockstar game is one of the biggest game developed ,GTA V is one of the most successful and big hit game launched by Rockstar Games .Developer has used latest technology to make this game look more realistic motion tracking software made game look more real.All facial expression and action movement was was made using this motion tracking system after lots and lots of experiment.
Developer made this game used unix software for programming this means this game supports all platform XBox One ,XBox 360,PS4 , PS3, Nintendo 3ds,Nintendo Wii ,PSP, PS Vita ,Android and IPhone.And All is releasing at once in 1st Jan , 2017.
All 3d building in this game you see will be from New York City because it is the story about New York City So developer made this game replica of New York city most of the street name you see in this game will be similar to the New York City.

Good new from developer the game which we are being waiting for so long horizon zero dawn pc is finally out now .

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